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". . . Egypt is the Gift of the Nile . . ."

     attributed to Hekataios

VIDEO LECTURES by Dr. William J. Neidinger


  1. “The Gift of the Nile.”
  2. The Pre-Dynastic Cultures and the Early Dynastic Era.
  3. The Age of the Pyramids.
  4. The Middle Kingdom.
  5. Imperial Egypt.  
  6. Foreign Pharaohs.  

When the Greeks were about to set out colonizing the Mediterranean world, Egypt was already an old and tired civilization, her days of glory long behind her.  But her monuments still stood.  New and younger empires, the Persians, the Macedonians, the Romans, would become masters of the Nile, siphoning off the wealth and wonders of the land.  But a conquered Egypt still had much to teach her new masters.

In this course on the history of Egypt, we will also study the art, architecture, archaeology and religion of this most ancient of civilizations.

The lectures will be richly illustrated with images, and course material will include detailed lecture notes and an extensive syllabus including maps and ground plans.

Ancient Egypt