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Part I:  The Byzantine Empire

VIDEO LECTURES by Dr. William J. Neidinger


  1. From Byzantium to Constantinople:  The Foundation of New Rome.
  2. Reconquest:  Justinian and the Golden Age of Byzantium.
  3. Decline and Resurgence:  The Macedonians.
  4. The Arrival and Conquests of the Seljuk Turks.
  5. Byzantines, Turks, and Crusaders.
  6. Byzantine Art and Architecture.

They were occasionally allies; they regularly hired out their soldiers to one another as mercenaries; the two royal houses intermarried at one time.  And they ended as the bitterest of enemies, the Ottoman Turks eventually extinguishing the light of the millennium-old Greek Orthodox Byzantine Empire.  But in a very real sense the Ottoman Empire was the true successor state to Byzantium, though separated by both race and religion.  The Ottoman Empire came to rule the same lands and peoples and served as the same foil to western Europe as the Byzantine Empire.

Though often taught as two distinct subjects, the two empires’ stories really should be taught as a continuum. This course seeks to explore the interwoven fates and histories of the two peoples.

The lectures are richly illustrated with images, and course material includes detailed lecture notes and an extensive syllabus of site plans, maps, and ground plans.

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