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“Vesuvius slumbers, but his heart is always awake.”  Alessandro Malladra.


by Dr. William J. Neidinger

The fame of Vesuvius stems not from its age (it is relatively young in geologic terms), nor its size (just slightly more than 4000 feet), nor its ferocity (its modern eruptions have been far from spectacular, compared to Krakatoa, for example). But in August of 79 AD the mountain caught the people of the towns within its shadows unawares, and left behind a grim treasure trove of art, artifacts, and corpses.  The activities of Mount Vesuvius have been documented continuously from 62 AD to modern times, and it was the first volcano to become an active tourist attraction.

This lecture is a history of the volcano, the story of the discoveries of the buried cities, and an examination of the half dozen towns and villas buried by the fateful explosion of 79 AD.  Particular attention is paid to the more impressive artifacts still in situ at the sites, as well as those that have made their way to the Naples Archaeological Museum.

The lecture is lavishly illustrated with more than 200 images of the sites and museum pieces from the Vesuvius cities.  In addition, a course syllabus with extensive lecture notes, plans, and elevations is provided.